Pelosi Admits Security Failures on Jan 6 in New GOP-Released Footage

House Republicans have recently released footage showing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for the security failures that occurred during the January 6th Capitol breach. The video, captured moments after Pelosi was evacuated from the Capitol, reveals her frustration at the lack of a proper security plan for that day. In the video, Pelosi can be heard acknowledging the lack of accountability and questioning why the National Guard was not present from the beginning.

The footage was filmed by Pelosi’s daughter for an HBO documentary about the January 6th riot. This video has been brought to light by House GOP investigators, who believe it contradicts the narrative pushed by Democrats that solely blames former President Donald Trump and his supporters for the events of that day. Subcommittee Chairman Barry Loudermilk, a Republican from Georgia, criticized Pelosi’s admission of responsibility, stating that it contradicts the Democrat-led narrative surrounding the Capitol breach.

This revelation challenges the narrative that has been perpetuated for three years, placing the spotlight on Pelosi’s acknowledgment of her role in the security failures that occurred on January 6th. House Republicans believe that this new evidence sheds light on the complexity of the events of that day and the shared responsibility among various individuals and entities. 


As this story continues to develop, the footage serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and thorough investigation into the events surrounding the Capitol breach. It highlights the need for a comprehensive understanding of the factors at play and emphasizes the significance of all parties taking responsibility for their roles in ensuring the safety and security of our nation’s institutions.

This footage of Nancy Pelosi admitting responsibility for the security failures on January 6th is a significant revelation that disrupts the false narrative pushed by Democrats. It underscores the importance of holding all individuals involved accountable and dispels the notion that one party or individual bears sole responsibility for the events of that day. It is crucial for the truth to prevail and for transparency to guide our understanding of such critical moments in our nation’s history.

Written by Staff Reports

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