Delaware Jury Deliberates Hunter Biden Gun Trial Verdict

In Delaware, a judge told the jury to start thinking about Hunter Biden’s gun trial after the lawyers had finished their closing arguments. The jury can take as much time as they need to decide if Biden did the three felony charges he is facing about a gun purchase in 2018.

The special counsel, David Weiss, says that Biden lied on a federal form about using crack cocaine to buy a gun and kept the gun unlawfully when he was using drugs. The prosecutors told the jury to use their common sense based on the evidence to conclude that he was using drugs when he bought the gun.

Judge Maryellen Noreika, who President Trump appointed, said that the prosecutors did not need to prove that Biden was on drugs at the exact time he filled out the form. They only needed to prove that he was on drugs “recently enough” to show that he was “actively engaged in such conduct.”

The trial continues, and the jury will decide if Biden is guilty.

Written by Staff Reports

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