Pelosi Assailant Says “You’re Welcome” In SHOCKING Interview

David DePape, the 42-year-old guy who struck Paul Pelosi with a hammer, recently gave a disturbing warning to the country through a local news station. In an unexpected phone conversation from a San Francisco prison, DePape expressed no remorse and even suggested that the United States should be grateful to him. He cited Thomas Jefferson’s statement that the “tree of liberty needs watering” and chose to take things into his own hands in order to combat “tyranny.” DePape also delivered a cryptic warning, stating that he knows the “names and addresses” of those responsible for “systematically” destroying freedom.

DePape criticized the “fascist” of a “ruling class” that “outsources” internet censorship to the private sector in order to evade the First Amendment. He made a twisted apology, claiming he “messed up” by not being more meticulous in his preparation and not focusing on more Democrats.

The judge just disclosed bodycam video from the night of the incident, as well as Paul Pelosi’s 911 call, in which he calmly reports that a stranger is “waiting” for his wife, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.). The court also revealed an audio recording of a police interview in which DePape states that he was not misled by Paul Pelosi’s apparent attempt to maintain his poise. DePape said that he was aware that the police were on their way, but he intended to remain and “fight” like the founding fathers. He also said that he wants to kidnap Nancy Pelosi and “crush her kneecaps” in revenge for Democrats “persecuting” Donald Trump and his followers with a “crime spree” during Trump’s administration until they “eventually stole the election.”

The recent release of bodycam footage and audio from the night of the attack has shed light on the disturbing motivations behind David DePape’s actions. His call into KTVU was a chilling reminder of the lengths some people will go to in order to express their grievances. DePape’s message was clear: he wanted to take matters into his own hands and fight against what he perceived as tyranny.

Paul Pelosi is still recovering from the attack in October that left him with a broken skull. DePape is charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and elder abuse. His call into KTVU was an unsettling reminder of the power of words and how they can be used to manipulate and incite fear. It is a reminder that we must be vigilant in our efforts to protect our freedoms and ensure that those who seek to take them away are held accountable for their actions.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Conservative Institute

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