Pelosi Blamed for Capitol Security Failures Exposed in New Video and Testimonies

A recent video has surfaced showing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitting fault for the lack of security at the Capitol on January 6. This revelation has caused quite a stir as Pelosi herself acknowledged accountability in the video. However, in a desperate attempt to deflect criticism, Pelosi dismissed the video as “revisionist history,” a claim that has been met with widespread ridicule.

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has also weighed in, revealing that he had requested National Guard assistance multiple times but was repeatedly denied. This contradicts Pelosi’s attempt to shift blame and highlights her role in hindering security measures on that fateful day.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley has criticized Pelosi and the January 6 Committee for their partisan approach to the investigation, accusing them of prioritizing attacks on former President Donald Trump over seeking the truth. Turley pointed out that had Pelosi accepted National Guard support and implemented proper security measures, the Capitol riot could have been prevented or at least minimized. 


It is clear that the committee’s biased narrative and refusal to consider alternative perspectives have compromised the integrity of the investigation. By selectively choosing members and disregarding opposing viewpoints, Pelosi and her allies have prioritized political agendas over uncovering the truth behind the events of January 6.

With the House GOP now raising important questions and challenging the one-sided narrative pushed by Pelosi and the Democrats, the spotlight is once again on Pelosi’s actions and their impact on Capitol security. Despite attempts to downplay her responsibility, Pelosi’s role in undermining law enforcement capabilities and altering protocols post-riot cannot be ignored.

Ultimately, the emergence of this video and the subsequent revelations from key figures involved only serve to discredit Pelosi and the committee’s motives. Instead of seeking justice and accountability, their actions appear to be driven by partisan vendettas and political posturing, further eroding trust in the integrity of their investigation.

Written by Staff Reports

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