Pelosi Exposed: Capitol Riot Truths Revealed, Trump Vindicated in Shocking Report

A new House report has shed much-needed light on the events of January 6, pointing fingers at key Democrats and raising questions about their involvement in the Capitol Riots. The report indicates that Donald Trump was not responsible for inciting the violence that day, contrary to what the partisan committee had claimed. This revelation exonerates Trump and exposes the failures in security that day, including potential complicity from Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It appears that Pelosi failed to authorize National Guard troops despite urgent requests, leading to chaos and disruption during the official election challenges. Imagine, fellow conservatives, the audacity of denying assistance that could have prevented the breach of the Capitol’s outer perimeter. The report highlights Pelosi’s strange actions on that fateful day, including her questionable behavior while being filmed for a documentary, showing little regard for the safety and security of the Capitol.

Furthermore, texts and call transcripts of Secret Service agents during the riots have conveniently gone missing, adding a layer of suspicion to Pelosi’s coordination with security forces. The revelation that Trump had actually pushed for 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol contrasts sharply with the Democrats’ narrative that seeks to demonize him. Yet, the truth remains buried under the biased efforts of the January 6 committee, led by the likes of Liz Cheney.

This report underscores the political witch hunt aimed at tarnishing Trump’s reputation and misrepresenting the events of January 6. The Democrats’ desperate attempts to silence Trump and erase him from the public sphere only highlight their fear of his enduring influence. It’s time to see through the smokescreen of lies and stand up for the truth, no matter how much the left tries to distort it. The fight for justice and accountability must continue, even in the face of partisan attacks and media manipulation.

Written by Staff Reports

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