Pence Accuses Trump of Asking him to Commit TREASON on Jan 6th

As he continues to criticize his former boss, Mike Pence is fueling speculation about a potential presidential run. He told NBC News that Trump wanted him to commit treason by rejecting electoral college votes for Joe Biden's 2020 presidential victory.

This comes as Pence is on a book tour, and it's widely believed that he's laying the groundwork for a potential primary challenge against Trump in 2024.

During an interview with Chuck Todd, Pence revealed that he told Trump weeks before election night that he didn't have the authority to challenge the results of the presidential election. This meant he didn't have the authority to stop Biden from being declared the winner.

Pence doubled down and told Todd that he would have violated his oath of office if Trump had ordered him to do so.

Pence then piled on and blamed Trump for initiating the so-called "insurrection", noting that the president had started gathering lawyers and claiming the election was stolen.

Elon Musk restored Trump's Twitter account on Saturday, and the president urged Pence to show "extreme courage" in one of his final messages.

Written by Staff Reports

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