Pence Claps Back at Doubter: Defends Constitution, Shuts Down Sore Losers!

Mike Pence, the beloved former Vice President, faced a courageous truth-seeker at a campaign rally in Sioux City, Iowa. This brave conservative voter dared to question Pence’s decision to ratify electoral votes instead of sending them back to the states for further examination. She confronted him, pointing out that if he had taken action, President Joe Biden wouldn’t be in the White House today. Talk about a mic drop moment!

But fear not, my fellow conservatives, because Pence didn’t back down. He staunchly defended his record and reminded the audience that the Constitution clearly states that his role was to oversee the session of Congress. He emphasized that he followed the Constitution to the letter and refused to take actions not granted to him by this sacred document. Bravo, Pence!

Now, let’s address the naysayers who claim that previous Vice Presidents have used their constitutional authority to dispute elections. Yes, it’s true that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Richard Nixon did just that. But let’s not forget the historical context, folks! In those instances, they may have used their power to resolve technical issues or disputes over paperwork. It’s not like they were trying to overturn the entire election based on unfounded claims of fraud, like some sore losers we know!

And let’s not forget the audacity of those Democrats in the 1876 election. They filibustered the congressional proceedings because they were scared that the Republican Vice President would make a fair and impartial decision. How dare they question the integrity of a conservative Vice President? It just goes to show the lengths liberals will go to undermine our democracy!

At the end of the day, Pence should be commended for upholding the Constitution and refusing to bend to political pressure. He did his job, plain and simple. So let’s raise a glass to Mike Pence, the defender of truth and justice, who stood strong against those who would question his honor. May his unwavering dedication to the Constitution serve as an inspiration to all true conservatives. God bless America!

Written by Staff Reports

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