DeSantis Team’s Fumbled Attack: Trump a Gender-Woke Pioneer?

In a bizarre attempt to undermine former President Donald Trump, Team DeSantis, the Rapid Response team for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, released a video on Twitter claiming that Trump was a “pioneer” of the woke gender ideology that has infiltrated our society. Seriously? Can they get any more ridiculous?

First of all, let’s be clear that attacking Trump by aligning him with the radical LGBTQ agenda is a desperate and feeble strategy. Trump has been a staunch opponent of the far-left agenda throughout his presidency, and his supporters know it. Trying to paint him as some champion of wokeism is laughable at best.

It seems that Team DeSantis is missing the mark when it comes to understanding Trump’s appeal to his base. His supporters admire him for his strong stance on a wide range of issues, not just for being anti-woke. Trump has been vocal about the economy, immigration, and crime, to name a few. He has shown depth and understanding of the complex challenges facing our nation. DeSantis, on the other hand, risks being perceived as a one-trick pony if he continues down this anti-woke rabbit hole.

Furthermore, there are far better areas to attack Trump if they’re really looking for ammunition. How about his support for COVID-19 lockdowns? While DeSantis was fighting for the rights of his constituents and keeping Florida open for business, Trump was praising lockdowns and criticizing governors who were trying to get their states back on track. Talk about hypocrisy.

And let’s not forget about immigration. Yes, Trump implemented some favorable policies, but did he ever finish that “big beautiful wall” he promised? No, he did not. DeSantis could easily call him out on his failure to deliver on this promise and many others.

Instead of wasting their time with this misguided attack strategy, Team DeSantis should focus on presenting their candidate as someone with substance. They need to develop clear policy proposals and demonstrate DeSantis’s ability to lead. Painting Trump as a purple-haired social justice warrior is not going to cut it. It’s time to step up their game and give the American people something to really sink their teeth into.

In the end, DeSantis has a choice to make. He can either pivot from this silly line of attack and show the American people what he’s made of, or he can continue on this path and go back to being just Florida’s governor. The choice is his, but if he wants to win, he better choose wisely.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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