Fed Court Slams Biden’s Censorship Tactics: Big Tech’s Cozy Relationship Exposed

A federal court has ruled that the Biden administration likely violated the First Amendment by censoring social media content and pressuring social media companies to remove certain posts during the pandemic. The court issued an injunction prohibiting government officials from participating in meetings geared at censoring social media speech. It's about time someone stopped the Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" tactics of the Biden administration.

Obviously, the Biden team is responding. They have filed an appeal in an effort to halt the injunction and continue their censorship efforts. Despite the court's finding that these actions undoubtedly violate the First Amendment, it is evident that they have a significant investment in them. But hey, who needs free speech when you can simply suppress voices with which you disagree?

Journalist Michael Shellenberger and Twitter founder Elon Musk drew additional attention to the issue by citing a Washington Post article about the court's ruling. The Biden State Department apparently had a "regular Wednesday meeting" with Facebook. Why in the world would the government require a "regular Wednesday meeting" with a social media company? Clearly, the Biden administration has an overly intimate relationship with Big Tech, and they are using it to pressure them into censoring content.

Musk posed a brilliant inquiry: "I wonder what goes on at the'regular Wednesday meeting'?" And Shellenberger provided an example from the court decision itself, demonstrating the Biden administration's social media engagement. This decision is a step in the correct direction, but there is still a long way to go before this disaster is cleaned up. The government should not have the authority to determine what is and is not factual. This is our responsibility as individuals and members of a free society.

The cancellation of the "regular Wednesday meeting" by the Biden State Department speaks volumes. Supposedly, they were to discuss "2024 election preparations and hacking threats." If they are so concerned about this meeting, it must be because what they intended to discuss could be interpreted as advocating or encouraging censorship of constitutionally protected speech. Evidently, the Biden administration is more concerned with stifling dissent than protecting our liberties. Thank heavens for this court ruling, but we must remain vigilant and defend our First Amendment rights against any future assaults.

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