Pence Drops Bombshell with ‘Too Honest’ Trump Indictment Merch!

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s 2024 campaign has come out with some new merchandise that is sure to catch the eye of conservative voters. The campaign has unveiled T-shirts and hats emblazoned with the slogan “Too honest.” Where did this phrase come from, you ask? Well, it actually comes from a quote in the indictment against none other than former President Trump himself!

The indictment, which relates to the events of January 6th, alleges that Trump called Pence on January 1st, 2021, to express his concern over the Vice President’s opposition to his potential lawsuit challenging the election results. In response, Trump reportedly told Pence that he was “too honest” for his own good. Well, it seems Pence has decided to embrace this label and turn it into a rallying cry for his campaign.

Now, let’s take a step back and examine the bigger picture here. The indictment against Trump alleges a series of criminal conspiracies aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 election. And who provided the prosecution with extra ammunition to prove their case? You guessed it – Mike Pence. It turns out that Pence’s principled stance on the Vice President’s authority to reject electoral votes is now being used against the very man he served alongside in the White House.

But it doesn’t stop there. Trump has been busy on social media, taking jabs at Pence and questioning his loyalty. Just last week, Trump wrote on Truth Social, “I feel badly for Mike Pence, who is attracting no crowds, enthusiasm, or loyalty from people who, as a member of the Trump Administration, should be loving him.” Ouch, that’s gotta sting. It seems that Trump is trying to distance himself from Pence and shift the blame onto him for not fighting harder against what he claims was election fraud.

In the midst of all this drama, Pence has left open the possibility of testifying at Trump’s criminal trial. While he initially fought in court to avoid testifying before the grand jury, Pence’s sudden change of heart raises some eyebrows. Can he really claim he has “nothing to hide” when he’s willingly participating in what many see as a politically motivated trial?

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Pence and Trump are now rivals in the race for the 2024 election. Both men are vying for the support of conservative voters, but it remains to be seen how this latest twist in their relationship will play out. One thing’s for sure – this is one campaign that will be filled with plenty of drama and intrigue. Stay tuned!

Written by Staff Reports

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