Pennsylvania’s Voting Machines: Glitchy Disasters or Dem Plot?

In the battleground state of Pennsylvania, the reliability of touchscreen voting machines has once again come under scrutiny. It seems like these machines just can’t get their act together! According to reports, Northampton County has experienced not one, but TWO election-day errors in the past four years. Talk about a track record!

Now, you might be thinking, how in the world are we supposed to have any confidence in our electoral process with these glitchy machines? Well, you’re not alone. Local politicians, poll workers, and election experts are all sounding the alarm bells. And honestly, can you blame them? This is the 2024 presidential election we’re talking about here – kind of a big deal!

So, what’s the deal with these pesky glitches? Apparently, in 2019 and again in November 2023, the touchscreen machines from Election Systems & Software (ES&S) undercounted votes due to programming glitches. Sure, officials and ES&S are trying to downplay the significance of these errors, but let’s be real, it’s hard to trust a machine that can’t even count correctly.

But here’s the icing on the cake. The recent glitch caused the machines to swap voters’ choices in the text section, but not in the barcode. Seriously, who came up with this system? It’s like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo” but with people’s votes! This kind of confusion is not what we need, especially when the future of our great nation is at stake.

Now, let’s talk politics. We all know that Pennsylvania is a crucial state in presidential elections. Just look at what happened in 2016 when our very own President Trump won the state and secured the electoral college victory. It was a beautiful thing! But then in 2020, Joe Biden somehow managed to win Pennsylvania. I mean, come on! Can we really trust the results if the machines are faulty?

And let’s not forget the broader concern here. There’s a fear that incidents like these will be used to undermine confidence in our electoral process. It’s no secret that there are those out there who would love to delegitimize our democracy. We can’t let that happen! We need to ensure that every vote counts and that people have faith in the system.

The good news is that Northampton officials are taking this issue seriously. They’re considering more rigorous testing and improved communication strategies to prevent similar mishaps in the future. But the real question is, should they replace these unreliable machines before their contract expires in 2025? The answer seems pretty obvious to me. If a product doesn’t work, you don’t wait around until it falls apart completely before replacing it.

In conclusion, we can’t afford to gamble with our democracy. It’s time to say goodbye to these glitchy touchscreen voting machines and hello to a system that actually works. Our electoral process and the future of our great nation depend on it. Let’s make sure every vote counts, and let’s make sure our elections are fair and free from doubt. America deserves nothing less!

Written by Staff Reports

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