Pentagon Preps Massive Ukraine Aid, Awaits Biden’s Nod

The Pentagon is getting ready to send a big aid package to Ukraine once President Joe Biden signs a new law giving the green light, as reported by Politico. This aid will include important gear like Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, artillery, and air defenses that Ukraine really needs for their defense. It’s expected to be way bigger than the usual $300 million package, according to sources.

Conservative editorial: Providing military aid to allies like Ukraine is crucial to deterring aggression from hostile nations. It’s important for the United States to support countries that share our democratic values and stand up against authoritarian regimes like Russia.

The Pentagon wants to give Ukraine a “big package” to help them on the battlefield, sources told Politico. They worry that Ukraine might struggle to resist Russian forces without more help by the end of the year. This new aid package may also include older military vehicles like Humvees and armored personnel carriers.

The House has already approved $61 billion for the Pentagon to use for security assistance to Ukraine. The Senate will vote on this aid package soon, and it’s expected to pass easily. President Biden has promised Ukrainian President Zelensky that help will arrive quickly once the funding is approved.

Conservative editorial: It’s important for the Senate to swiftly approve this aid package to show our support for Ukraine and send a strong message to Russia that we stand with our allies. Providing military assistance to Ukraine is not just about their security, but also about defending freedom and democracy against tyrannical regimes.

The Pentagon is aiming to have the aid package ready to go within a week or two after getting the green light. This aid is crucial as funding for Ukraine had run dry in December. The previous emergency aid package in March included important military equipment like howitzers and rocket systems, showing the ongoing commitment to supporting Ukraine’s defense.

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