Peter Doocy Exposes Biden’s Thanks to Pals Linked to Hamas!

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy and White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Relations John Kirby had a heated exchange over the involvement of Qatar in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Doocy questioned why President Biden thanked Qatar for their assistance in evacuating Americans from Gaza, considering that the leader of Hamas currently resides in Qatar. He further pointed out that Hamas is a terrorist group responsible for the deaths and kidnappings of Americans.

Kirby defended Qatar’s involvement by highlighting their communication channels with Hamas, which have proven to be crucial in facilitating negotiations and securing the release of American hostages. He stressed that while Qatar has connections to Hamas, it does not mean that the U.S. supports or condones the actions of the terrorist organization. Kirby emphasized that Israel has every right to defend itself against Hamas.

Doocy challenged Kirby on why the U.S. isn’t pressuring Qatar to hand over the leader of Hamas if they are truly supportive of American interests. Kirby responded by reiterating that the focus is currently on getting Americans out of Gaza and providing aid to those in need. He emphasized that the U.S. is also actively assisting Israel in taking action against Hamas.

This exchange highlighted the complexities of diplomatic relationships during times of conflict, where the U.S. often has to navigate partnerships with nations that may have connections to enemy groups. The differing perspectives between Doocy and Kirby reflected the broader debates and discussions surrounding U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Written by Staff Reports

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