Philadelphia Inquirer Calls for Trump to Drop Out Despite Biden’s Lapses

The Philadelphia Inquirer, in a move that surprises no one on the right, has called for President Trump to drop out of the race following the recent debate. Despite Joe Biden’s obvious mental lapses during the event, the Inquirer’s editorial board somehow twists reality to paint Trump as the one who should bow out. It’s the same old song and dance – the media pushing the tired narrative that Trump is evil incarnate, from alleged comments he never made about the military to baseless claims of trying to steal the 2020 election.

The article reads like a laundry list of anti-Trump propaganda, checking off all the usual boxes of calling him a racist, a dictator lover, and a convicted felon. It’s as if they’re recycling the same old lies without even bothering to come up with new material. Their fawning over Biden’s supposed accomplishments and virtues, while dismissing Trump as unworthy of the presidency, is a sad display of bias and sycophancy. 


In a similar vein, Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to deflect from Biden’s debate performance by attacking Trump only highlights the deep-rooted Trump Derangement Syndrome that seems to afflict many on the left. It’s a comical sight to see the contortions they go through to prop up Biden while tearing down Trump at every turn.

The mainstream media’s blatant bias and hypocrisy are on full display here, with outlets like the Philadelphia Inquirer peddling the same tired attacks on Trump while ignoring Biden’s obvious shortcomings. It’s no wonder that conservative Americans continue to view the media with skepticism and seek out alternative sources for their news.

Written by Staff Reports

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