Phoenix Police Officers Shot At As Leaving Store Leads To Violent Arrest

Authorities in Phoenix on Thursday made video of a guy who, after chatting with them outside a convenience shop, opened fire on police officers while in a patrol car.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the incident happened on October 27 at a convenience shop between 59th Avenue and Buckeye Road. A guy started conversing with two police officers as they were leaving the business and heading to a patrol car.

The suspect was still speaking to the cops via the driver's side window when the officers entered the vehicle, according to the police. The car was seen pulling out of a parking space on surveillance video as the alleged gunman pulled out a revolver and fired a shot that struck the ground.

He then turned the rifle at the policemen and shot again, according to the police. According to authorities, the second bullet impacted the car's spotlight. After then, according to officials, the guy raced inside the shop with the gun

The cops are seen chasing after him while brandishing their firearms, telling him to get on the ground so they can arrest him. He bows down and raises his hands in the air.

The guy is on the ground face down and seems to be struck by both cops with their firearms.

One of the officers is heard saying, "Stupid f—-."What's your f—ing your problem?"

Then a cop threatens, "I'm going to blow your f—-ing head off."

One of the officers kicks the guy in the back as he lays on the ground seeming to be in agony. Before being checked into prison, the suspect was brought to a hospital for treatment of unidentified injuries.

The two cops were unharmed. One has been a police officer for less than a year, while the other has worked for the agency for six years.

The incident was captured on a smartphone by a shop employee, which the police also made public.

The event and the officers' acts are the subject of an ongoing administrative and criminal inquiry, according to the authorities. The Attorney's Office for Maricopa County will examine the results

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Fox News.

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