Police Statement on Cole Brings Plenty’s Death Sparks Conspiracy Theories

In the aftermath of the discovery of Native American actor Cole Brings Plenty’s body in a secluded area of Kansas, the Lawrence Kansas police department have issued a statement that has fanned the flames of conspiracy theories regarding his death.

Even though authorities have not found evidence of any racial bias playing a role in the actor’s death, that hasn’t stopped online activists and individuals from finding racism in this case.


Particularly, they are focusing on a statement released by the Lawrence PD via Facebook that followed up on an official statement from the Johnson County Sheriff’s office which noted, there “is no indication of foul play in the death of Cole Brings Plenty” — a fact that failed to satisfy most online users.

Brings Plenty had been missing since March 31 and had been named as a “person of interest” in two offenses prior to that, including aggravated domestic battery and aggravated burglary, according to reports.

On Friday, the police found Brings Plenty’s missing SUV, with Brings Plenty’s body beside it. So far, no cause of death has been released.

Attached to the Lawrence PD statement was a quote from Lawrence Kansas Police Chief Rich Lockhart expressing condolences for the tragedy and committing to increase trust with the Native American community members.

This statement drew criticism from some online commentators who accused the police of favoritism and racial bias. Many comments on Facebook accused the police of “dropping the ball” and suggested that the outcome would be different if Brings Plenty were not Native American.

Speculation has arisen regarding the initial domestic abuse charges and their possible connection to Brings Plenty’s death, but it is challenging to draw conclusions without further details about the case.

It is crucial for people to come together to solve this case and not contribute to the racial tensions that are already affecting society.

While the circumstances surrounding Brings Plenty’s death are undoubtedly tragic, attempting to blame any perceived investigation failure on supposed inherent racism would not lead to a resolution. Instead, unity and cooperation are essential in addressing this tragic loss.

The current political and social climate, often fueled by divisive narratives, may be contributing to the escalation of tensions and should be taken into consideration as the investigation continues.

Written by Staff Reports

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