Poll Reveals: Americans Say No More to New COVID Jabs!

A recent poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that the majority of American adults have little interest in getting the new COVID vaccines being promoted by the Biden administration. In fact, only 23% of those surveyed said they “definitely” plan to get vaccinated, while an additional 23% said they will “probably” get it. This leaves a staggering 52% of adults who have no intention of getting the vaccine.

This poll highlights the deep polarization that exists under the Biden administration, with Democrats showing more faith in the mRNA technology used in the vaccines than Republicans. It is interesting to note that 70% of Democrats plan to get vaccinated, compared to just 24% of Republicans. This suggests that skepticism toward vaccines has become intertwined with political ideology, which is concerning for the overall health of the nation.

It is important to remember that the original COVID vaccines were touted as a solution to stop the transmission of the virus. However, as we have seen, this promise turned out to be false. The shots did not effectively prevent transmission, leaving many Americans understandably skeptical of the new vaccines.

This survey also revealed a partisan divide when it comes to trust in the CDC and the FDA. While most of the nation still trusts these regulatory and scientific agencies, Republicans are more hesitant to put their faith in them. This lack of trust in the establishment is reflective of the ongoing frustration with the government’s handling of the pandemic.

Furthermore, the poll showed that Republicans are less likely to take extra precautions, such as wearing masks and avoiding public gatherings, in response to rising COVID cases. This aligns with the belief among many Republicans that masks are ineffective and merely a form of virtue signaling. Numerous studies have supported this viewpoint, further fueling Republican skepticism.

In conclusion, this poll exposes the fatigue and skepticism among Americans, regardless of party affiliation, when it comes to the new COVID vaccines. The political divide on how to respond to the virus remains prominent and may even be widening. As COVID cases continue to rise, it is likely that we will see intense ideological battles between Democrats and Republicans on how to address the ongoing pandemic.

Written by Staff Reports

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