Poll Reveals More Independents Fear Biden Undermines Democracy Than Trump

A recent poll by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist from late last month has brought some distressing news for President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats. The poll shows that more Independents are worried about Biden “weakening democracy” than they are about former President Donald Trump. Notably, 53 percent of Independents expressed concerns about Biden, compared to 42 percent for Trump. This is a problematic finding for the Democrats, as they have been emphasizing the idea that Trump poses a significant threat to democracy.

The poll also revealed that Biden’s approval rating among Independents is at just 34 percent, which is lower than his favorability among those who say they will definitely vote in the upcoming election. Additionally, a majority of Independents, 51 percent, indicated that they plan to vote for Trump, while only 44 percent said they would vote for Biden. Even when third-party candidates are included in the poll, Trump still maintains a lead among Independents.

The survey also explored the perception of Biden and Trump’s impact on democracy. It found that Biden only has a slight edge over Trump in terms of those who believe he will “weaken our democracy.” Conversely, more adults, registered voters, and those definitely voting, believe that Trump will “strengthen our democracy” compared to Biden. This sentiment is especially pronounced among Independents, with a split of 40-24 percent in favor of Trump.

Furthermore, the poll touched upon the ongoing legal issues surrounding Trump, including the hush money payments case in New York City. It revealed that a plurality of Independents believe that Trump “has done something illegal.” However, they are less likely to hold this belief compared to those who are definitely voting.

It’s important to note that such polls can have a significant impact on the political landscape, especially as the midterm elections approach. The findings of this poll may be distressing for the Democrats, as they highlight a lack of overwhelming support for Biden among Independents, a crucial voting demographic.

This news comes in the midst of ongoing legal battles and controversies involving Trump. The poll findings may also indicate a level of skepticism among Independents regarding these legal matters. As such, the results of this poll could signal challenges for the Democrats as they seek to secure support from key voting blocs in the upcoming election.

Overall, this poll underscores the need for the Democrats to address the concerns and perceptions of Independents, as well as the broader populace, as they navigate a complex political landscape.

Written by Staff Reports

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