Governor Shapiro Criticizes Penn Response to Protests, Praises Pitt

Amid ongoing protests at universities over the Israel-Gaza war, Governor Josh Shapiro has taken a stand against the encampment at the University of Pennsylvania while praising the University of Pittsburgh’s handling of the situation. Governor Shapiro stressed the importance of university leaders ensuring the safety of their students and addressing any violations of university rules or laws. He called on all Pennsylvania universities to work with law enforcement to maintain a safe campus environment for all students.

Speaking at a press conference about attracting business expansion to the state, Governor Shapiro expressed concern over the escalating situation at the University of Pennsylvania, where an encampment has been growing beyond its initial size. The governor emphasized that the university has an obligation to ensure the safety of its students and uphold the rule of law. He criticized the University of Pennsylvania for failing to effectively address the situation, stating that more rules and laws have been violated, leading to an unstable and out-of-control environment on campus.

Governor Shapiro’s comments come as a response to the prolonged encampment at the University of Pennsylvania, which has surpassed the duration of other university protests in the state. While he commended the University of Pittsburgh for its effective handling of a similar situation, he called upon the University of Pennsylvania to disband the encampment and restore safety and order on its campus.

The governor’s statements reflect a commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety of all students on college campuses in Pennsylvania. By urging universities to work with law enforcement and address any violations or disruptions, Governor Shapiro emphasized the importance of maintaining a secure and stable environment for students to pursue their education without fear or intimidation.

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