Poll Shows Majority View Trump as Strong Leader, Biden as Weak

According to a recent poll by The Economist /YouGov, it looks like Americans are still riding the Trump train when it comes to leadership qualities. The majority of folks, about 58 percent to be exact, see former President Donald Trump as a strong leader. Some even go as far as calling him “very strong,” with 35 percent giving him that top-notch title. Looks like ol’ Trump is holding steady and even sneaking up a point from the last time they checked in on him in March. Meanwhile, in the blue corner, President Joe Biden seems to be getting the short end of the stick. The poll reveals that a whopping 64 percent of Americans view Biden as a weak leader, with 45 percent of them really hammering in the point by calling him “very weak.” 

It seems that if Trump and Biden were to go head-to-head in another election, the poll suggests Trump would come out on top with 44 percent of the vote compared to Biden’s 43 percent. And get this, Trump is even winning over independents by a 7-point lead, snatching 41 percent of their support. Looks like Trump still has some political muscle to flex, even after leaving the White House.

Nearly seven out of ten Americans surveyed think that Biden’s America is spiraling out of control. The poll was conducted with a sample of 1,755 adults, including 1,479 registered voters, from April 28 to 30. Trump reigns as the strong leader in the eyes of many, while Biden seems to be losing his grip faster than a greased pig at a county fair. 

Written by Staff Reports

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