Poll Shows More Americans Favor Trump Era Over Biden’s, Surprises CNN Commentator

CNN commentator Chris Cillizza appeared to be stunned by a recent New York Times poll that showed more respondents remember the Trump years as “mostly good” for the country, compared to the Biden administration. Cillizza took to social media to express his disbelief, attributing it to the “power of nostalgia” and the tendency of humans to remember the good and forget the bad. However, many Americans believe the Trump years were indeed mostly good for the country, despite Cillizza’s doubts.

During the Trump administration, the economy was strong, unemployment was low, and national security was prioritized. The Trump administration also saw the historic Abraham Accords, peace efforts in North Korea, and a proposed border wall. In contrast, the Biden administration has faced challenges such as inflation, the crisis in the Middle East, chaos at the border, and media bias.

Responses to Cillizza’s post on social media reflected the sentiment that the Trump years were mostly good. Many commenters cited the absence of wars, low gas prices, and the Abraham Accords as positive aspects of the Trump administration. They also highlighted issues currently facing the Biden administration, including the crisis in the Middle East, inflation, and border chaos.

If former President Donald Trump makes a comeback in the 2024 election, it may be due to the millions of Americans who remember the positive aspects of his presidency. The contrast between the Trump years and the Biden administration could influence voters’ decisions. It appears that many CNN fans may be surprised by the outcome of the election if Trump prevails.

Written by Staff Reports

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