Poll: Trump Takes LEAD Over Joe Biden In 2024 Matchup

A new poll has revealed that the former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 head-to-head matchup. A massive swing of eight percentage points follow the recent surge of support for Trump among registered voters.

Trump is currently ahead of Biden by 47% to 41%, respectively, according to a survey conducted by Premise. The same poll shows Governor Ron DeSantis leading Biden in a hypothetical matchup, but only by one percentage point. Trump is also the clear party favorite in a crowded GOP primary field.

According to the poll, 87% of GOP voters would pick Trump over Biden, while 75% of Democrats would choose Biden. Independent voters preferred Trump over Biden, with 39% backing Trump and only 22% voting in favor of Biden. Among Hispanic/Latino voters, almost half selected Trump, while the majority of black voters chose Biden.

The numbers paint an interesting picture, especially since this survey indicates how Trump’s support has surged, while Biden’s has dropped. This poll also shows a stark difference in enthusiasm between the two parties’ voters. Democrats, despite having the incumbent President in power, always show less enthusiasm and less passion than Republicans for their leaders.

The result of this survey should reassure Republicans who were doubtful about Trump’s leadership’s chances in the next general election. According to the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average, Biden is only ahead of Trump by 1.2 percentage points from Jan. 27 to Mar. 13.

These polls show that despite vehement partisan opposition and the disruptive actions of the radical left, Trump’s massive support base has remained loyal and will continue to do so in the future. It seems that if Trump does decide to run again in 2024, Democrats would have their work cut out for them.

Written by Staff Reports

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