Polls Show Biden and Trump Neck and Neck in Key Swing States

A recent poll released by Bloomberg/Morning Consult shows that in key swing states, President Joe Biden is doing better than previously believed. In one state, Pennsylvania, Biden and former President Donald Trump are tied at 45 percent each, while in Wisconsin, Biden leads by 1 percent, 46-45. However, Trump still leads in four of the six swing states, indicating strong support for the former President.

Subsequent polls have shown fluctuations, with Trump leading by 2 points in one poll and by 1 point in another. These fluctuations highlight the close race between the two candidates. Additionally, the polls reveal that Trump has more support among Republicans (90 percent) than Biden does among Democrats (86 percent), suggesting strong party loyalty to the former President.

Furthermore, the polls indicate that Trump is retaining the support of his 2020 voters at a higher rate than Biden, with 90 percent of Trump’s 2020 voters indicating they will vote for him again, compared to 83 percent of Biden’s 2020 voters. This demonstrates the enduring loyalty of Trump’s supporters and the challenges Biden may face in retaining the same level of support.

Although Trump had previously lost his favorability edge, recent polls show that he has regained it. The write-up of the poll also noted that voters are more likely to report hearing something negative about Trump than Biden, suggesting a bias in media coverage.

In terms of issues important to voters in the upcoming election, the economy remains the top priority, followed by national security, crime, and healthcare. Additionally, immigration, a typically significant issue, has garnered less attention in recent polls and has seen negative coverage.

The polls also reveal a negative trend in the coverage voters report hearing about Trump, with 50 percent of voters stating they had heard negative coverage about him in the past week. This indicates a consistently high level of negative media coverage directed at Trump.

As the election approaches, it is clear that the race between Biden and Trump is tight, and issues such as the economy, national security, and healthcare will play a crucial role in voters’ decision-making. The trend of negative media coverage about Trump is also notable and may influence voters’ perceptions.

In conclusion, these polls provide valuable insights into the state of the 2024 election and emphasize the importance of issues and media coverage in shaping public opinion. The results suggest a closely contested race between Biden and Trump, with significant implications for the future of the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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