Press Sec’s FEMA Fail: Biden Admin Fumbles Maui Wildfire Crisis

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has once again proven herself to be completely inept at her job. In a recent interview on CNN, she embarrassed herself by suggesting that the survivors of the devastating Maui wildfires use the FEMA website to seek assistance. Seriously, Ms. Jean-Pierre? Do you not understand that the entire island is practically a burnt-out wasteland with no power or internet access?

Even CNN anchor Sara Sidner couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She rightly pointed out the obvious – that the people in Maui are facing immense challenges with lack of power, spotty cell service, and restricted movement. How are they supposed to access a website or call a number when they can barely communicate with the outside world?

But of course, the Biden administration never ceases to disappoint. Not only did President Biden initially have the audacity to respond with a casual “No comment” when asked about the devastating situation on the island, but now they send out their press secretary to offer useless advice to the victims. It’s just one blunder after another.

It’s clear that this administration lacks the competence and understanding to effectively handle crises. They can’t even get basic communication right, let alone provide the necessary assistance to those in need. The Biden White House needs to step up its game and start prioritizing the American people instead of their own political agenda.

If we can’t trust the government to handle a natural disaster, how can we trust them with anything else? It’s time for real leadership and accountability. The people of Maui deserve better than this. Can anyone in this administration do anything right? It’s highly doubtful.

Written by Staff Reports

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