Proof of American Citizenship Should Be Required to Vote in Every State!

In what world is this even controversial? The idea that only American citizens should have the right to vote in American elections seems like common sense. Yet, here we are, in 2024, and the simple concept of requiring proof of citizenship to vote is somehow a hot take. It’s like saying you need a driver’s license to drive or an ID to buy a beer – straightforward, right?

Democrats and their media allies scream voter suppression at the mere suggestion. But let’s break it down. Voting is a fundamental right for American citizens, a privilege that should be protected, not watered down by allowing anyone and everyone to cast a ballot. If you’re not a citizen, why should you have a say in shaping the policies and leadership of this country?

Requiring proof of citizenship isn’t about discrimination; it’s about integrity. It’s about ensuring that each vote cast is a legitimate one. It’s about preserving the sanctity of our elections and making sure that the voices heard are those of American citizens.

In states where proof of citizenship is required, the sky hasn’t fallen. In fact, voter turnout hasn’t plummeted, and democracy hasn’t died. Instead, we have a more secure and trustworthy electoral process. So why isn’t this the standard nationwide?

Those who oppose these measures claim it disenfranchises voters. But what’s more disenfranchising than having your legitimate vote canceled out by someone who isn’t even a citizen? The real question should be why anyone would be against ensuring our elections are free from fraud and abuse.

America needs to wake up. Proof of citizenship to vote is a no-brainer. It’s not suppression; it’s protection. If you want to participate in the democratic process, you should have to prove you’re part of the American family. Simple as that.

Written by Staff Reports

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