Proof The New York Times Will Defend Hunter Biden No Matter What

The son of the president, Hunter Biden, received money from shady deals overseas and his supposed artwork, which is similar to drawings made by a child. However, the New York Times tried to contradict this story.

The report, which was written by Katie Benner, Adam Entous, and Michael Schmidt, talked about how Hunter Biden spiraled into a life of drugs, prostitution, and alcohol after his brother died.

"The article states that the president was aware of his son's illegal activities, and he was complicit in them. It also claimed that he benefited financially from his position in office."

The report also criticized Republicans for spreading a false story about how Biden was involved with his son's business transactions.

In November, I reported about 17 pieces of evidence that proved that the president was involved with Hunter Biden. Despite the White House's denials, the evidence proved his involvement.

"The New York Times defended Hunter Biden's criminal activities by focusing on his brother Beau's death."

"According to the report, Hunter Biden spiraled into a self-destructive and addiction-filled life after his brother died in 2015."

The Times also praised the son of Biden, who turned out to be a wonderful person.

"According to the article, Hunter Biden has turned his life around and is no longer involved in illegal activities. He was also present when his daughter got married in November."

The authors of the report also criticized the aggressive tactics of Republicans, who they claimed used exaggerations and fabrications to make political points.

The article neglected to mention the numerous bank transactions that were flagged as suspicious by US financial institutions. It also failed to explain how Biden shared his bank accounts with his son.

The authors also failed to address the fact that Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma, an energy company, despite not having any experience in Ukraine or the energy sector.

The authors also failed to explain how he threatened to withhold a huge sum of money from Ukraine if the country's government didn't fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma.

The New York Times also defended the Biden family, saying that they did nothing wrong.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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