WH Lawyer Immediately Ruins Biden’s “Transparency” Narrative

The White House refused to provide details about when President Joe Biden was informed about the documents found at the Biden Center.

The documents were discovered by Biden's lawyers on November 2. They were also found at his home in Delaware on January 12, December 20, and January 11. The White House did not publicize the discoveries for several months.

Press secretary Jean-Pierre faced questions from reporters about the White House's silence regarding the documents. She said the White House counsel did not inform the media about the documents until January 9, when CBS News reported on them.

Biden avoided talking to the media about the documents for a week after he admitted on January 12 that he kept some of them next to his car. He then walked past reporters on the South Lawn. Jean-Pierre insisted that questions regarding the documents should be directed to the White House counsel.

The conservative news outlet Daily Caller asked the White House counsel when Biden learned about the documents and when he was planning to disclose their contents to the public.
White House officials, including Ian Sams and Sharon Yang, did not respond to repeated requests regarding the documents.

On a Zoom call, Sams defended the transparency of the process, saying it was "very informative and transparent."

Sams also stated that the White House was trying to be as transparent as possible. The New York Post reported that the administration was working with the Justice Department on an investigation regarding the documents.

When asked about the number of documents that were found, Sams referred to the Justice Department.

Biden's lawyers discovered the documents after they had been cleaning out his office, according to Sams.

Biden's aides had been cleaning out the president's office when they came across the documents. Sams also noted that these were personal materials that the president had kept.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on DAILY CALLER.

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