WaPo ‘Journalist’ Can’t Hide His Left-Wing Bias On Biden Scandal

The scandal surrounding Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents continues to rage. Many of the liberal pundits and legal scholars who are involved in the matter have made the same predictable claims about how the aging statesman was able to keep state secrets in his garage.

The moral outrage surrounding the FBI's raid on the Mar-a-Lago resort last summer has become increasingly ridiculous. After Biden revealed that five state secrets files were found in his home, he said that he takes the handling of these matters seriously.

These documents were taken during Biden's time as the vice president. The debate over classified materials was over process, as Trump was able to declassify what he wanted. Biden had these documents, which were not legally allowed to be kept, in an unsecured garage and were handled by individuals with no security clearance.

This incident is very reckless and gross, and it's similar to what Hillary Clinton did. The Left has no idea what's going on, so they're going with their usual line of saying that it's okay to do it because we're Democrats.

On PBS Newshour, Jonathan Capehart, a columnist for the Washington Post, said that the Biden and Trump controversies are similar in that they both have the same issues. However, he also noted that the former could be made worse by the fact that he had these documents in his home.

According to Jonathan Capehart, the mishandling of classified documents by Biden is considered to be the worst political crisis of his career due to the issues that he faced during his time as the vice president. There were over 200 classified documents that were taken during Biden's time as the country's second highest official.

He also noted that the two objects in the controversy are similar in nature. However, he said that we should take the time to consider the various factors that affect the handling of classified materials. Many experts and national security lawyers have noted that this issue is very common.

In August 2022, Capehart and Brooks warned about the seriousness of the situation regarding the mishandling of classified materials. They noted that no president should be allowed to take these documents out of the secure locations that they are in.

He tried to make a comparison between Biden's issues and those of Trump, saying that the former president is being investigated for obstruction of justice. However, he noted that Biden's team has been very transparent.

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