Proud Boys Unmask “Feds” in Brawl: Is FBI Losing Americans’ Trust?

A group that resembled Patriot Front members showed up at a rally that was supposed to be about the Proud Boys in Portland over the weekend. After the Proud Boys told them to leave, the masked individuals started calling them racists. The rallygoers then went to the group's members and asked them to reveal their identities.

A local nationalist group was initially revealed to be a Rose City nationalist organization. However, many people believed that the group was made up of leftists or feds who were pretending to be nationalists in order to get around the law. Adam Kinzinger, a CNN commentator, claimed that the group was part of the Patriot Front, which is an organization that targets federal officers.

The FBI denied its involvement in the group after the allegations, but members of both parties are still questioning the agency's statement due to its alleged bias. Moreover, the FBI also commented on the matter, though one of the officials refused to answer questions about the possible involvement of informants or FBI personnel in the Jan. 6 incident at the US Capitol.

This incident shows how the FBI has lost the trust of the American people, who are supposed to rely on it to be neutral arbiters of justice. Instead, it has started to take sides. This is not acceptable and the FBI must regain the people's trust.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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