Exposed: Obama’s Greed in Shocking Top-Secret Meetings!

President Biden's administration is in terrible shape. He is the subject of unfavorable news, and the Biden family is being accused of public corruption; even CNN and the New York Times have reported on the matter. Many progressive Democrats are starting to have their doubts about Biden's administration's ability to defeat his main challenger Donald Trump as a result of his continually poor approval rating. And while Biden's presidency falters, a recent revelation shows that some congressional Democrats have been considering Barack Obama as the candidate to lead their ticket the following year.

Obama has reportedly been holding informal but extensive private talks with groups of younger House Democrats this spring, according to a Politico Magazine report. He has visited with a variety of congressmen, from liberals like Reps. Maxwell Frost and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to more conservative ones like Mikie Sherrill and Haley Stevens. Obama came up with the concept for the get-togethers, which were held over cheese and crackers in his Washington office and were intended to keep him up to date with his party's budding stars.

This is noteworthy for several reasons. To begin with, Obama showed little interest in offering advice to lawmakers while he was president. And while though he consistently appears on the campaign trail each year for a number of Democrats, he hasn't exactly served as the party's power broker since leaving office. The priority has been given to podcasts, documentaries, his foundation, and golf in Hawaii and on Martha's Vineyard. Obama hasn't participated in modern Democratic politics for some time, but the report makes an effort to hide this fact by portraying Obama as just an elderly president attempting to keep up with the younger Democrats.

Obama's commitment, meanwhile, is evidently more extensive than simply keeping up with the younger Democrats. His relationship with Biden has deteriorated over time, especially when Obama essentially selected Hillary Clinton as his eventual successor. Additionally, whenever they have appeared together, Obama has been seen to overshadow Biden. It appears that many Democrats think Obama might aid them by exerting greater political influence and outlining the stakes, as he did briefly but vividly during the midterm elections last year. After all, Obama was prepared to seek Bill Clinton's assistance, even during the 2012 campaign.

It is no secret that a feckless and weak president, whose corruption is now widely known even to CNN viewers and New York Times readers, is ruining the reputation of the Democratic Party. To divert the Democratic Party faithful from the whining and gloom of the Biden years, the party needs an infusion of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. And Barack Obama is the ideal person to give them that push.

The fact that Obama is still active in the Biden-Harris administration is not just pure conjecture. In reality, Jen Psaki, a former press secretary for the White House, has attested that Obama and Biden speak frequently. However, their discussions are kept confidential, as are the visitor logs for the several visits to Delaware that Joe Biden has made while serving as president.

While the Politico Magazine piece makes it seem like this is merely a lighthearted get-together with cheese and crackers, Obama's engagement is evidently more extensive. It is a further attempt to silence critics who have legitimate concerns about the former president's covert connections to prominent Democrats. Democrats believe that Obama's popularity and rhetorical skills may be of assistance to them at this critical time. His participation might be just what the party needs to energize the Democratic base and retake the White House in 2024.

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