Ana Navarro Defends Hunter Biden: Scandal or Fatherly Love?

Ana Navarro, a strong political commentator, has taken a controversial stand to support President Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Navarro defended the Bidens on Monday's show of "The View" and compared the scandal to "a story of a father's love." Hunter Biden has been accused of using his father's power to make his own shady business deals go more smoothly.

Navarro not only agreed with everything the Bidens said, but she also didn't believe anything bad said about them. Some doubters said that Navarro "drank all the Kool-Aid" and couldn't see the bigger picture.

Navarro said in a bold way, "Joe Biden has never given up on his son Hunter, and he will never do that. He will also never treat him as less than." So, he is first and foremost a father. It's yours to keep or not."

Navarro's eagerness to defend Hunter Biden has started a debate about parental love in politics, but the real problem is the Biden family's allegedly illegal business dealings. On Monday, President Joe Biden said that he had not talked to his son about the issue.

Some of the Bidens' shocking claims are that Hunter used his power to help himself and his family. Others claim that the president knew about his son's business dealings and may have been involved in them. A number of "whistleblowers" have also said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was involved in the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden. Reports say that the involvement included a lot of unnecessary delays and a lack of openness and transparency in the probe.

Congressman Jason Smith (R-MO) said that U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware was not able to bring charges against Hunter Biden in 2022 and 2023 because the DOJ interfered with the investigation and went too far. Even though it was clear that Hunter Biden owed taxes on the money he received, IRS investigators had to deal with a number of internal problems. These included the U.S. Attorney's lack of independence, constant unjustified delays, unusual actions that went beyond the normal scope of the investigation, a lack of transparency among the investigative and prosecutorial teams, and pressure and threats from the Defense Council.

Smith said that Hunter Biden's lawyers were told ahead of time when there was a good reason to check a storage unit in Northern Virginia where Hunter Biden had hidden files. The informants said that there were a lot of problems and that the U.S. Attorney didn't have enough freedom, which made people wonder if they could help with the investigation.

The Bidens may be able to count on their defenders, but the allegations, proof, and lack of transparency from the whistleblowers cast a shadow over how the Bidens do business. These problems hurt the President's reputation even more and raise a lot of moral questions. The Biden government must respond to these claims and make big changes and reforms if the American people are to trust their leaders again.

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