Kamala Urges Teens to Boost Abortion: “We’re Counting on You”

Kamala Harris, the US Vice President, is pushing the Democratic Party's "abortion on demand" agenda, and she made it clear during an interview with Teen Vogue that she wants the magazine's readers to know that they can lead.

As she urged voters to get involved and cast their ballots, Harris noted that their perspective and voice are very important to the country's future. She also said that they can help shape the country's direction by organizing and reminding their fellow citizens that they are leaders.

During a Teen Vogue event, Kamala Harris said that young people can have a big impact on the composition of Congress. She noted that they could lead to the passage of legislation that would codify abortion access. She also claimed that the pro-abortion movement's success in the 2022 midterm elections was influenced by young voters.

During the event, Harris urged Teen Vogue's readers to have conversations with their friends about what's at stake when it comes to voting. She also told them to use social media to promote the cause of abortion. She said that people who are experiencing unwanted pregnancies or struggles should know that there are resources available to them.

As the leading proponent of the Biden administration's pro-abortion agenda, Harris is expected to play a key role in the Democratic Party's efforts to maintain its majority in the presidential elections of 2024. In order to help the White House spread its pro-choice message, she recently gathered with 14 women from the abortion industry to ask them what they could do to help the administration. Also, she's receiving a significant boost from the pro-abortion political action committee EMILY's List.

This is another example of how the Democrats, under the leadership of Harris, are pushing their radical pro-abortion agenda on young voters. It's crucial that they don't fall for the disinformation peddled by the left. America's future depends on them.

Source: The Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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