Psaki Edits Book After False Claims About Biden Ceremony Uncovered

The news broke that Jen Psaki, former Biden press secretary and MSNBC host, will be editing her new book, “Say More,” after being called out for making misleading claims about President Biden’s behavior during a ceremony honoring fallen soldiers. Critics pointed out that Psaki falsely wrote that Biden checked his watch only after the ceremony had ended, when in reality, he was seen doing so multiple times during the event. This incident is just another example of Biden’s staff trying to cover up his mistakes, which is concerning as the election approaches.

Psaki initially tried to brush off the criticism as “misinformation” but eventually admitted that future copies of her book will be revised to remove the inaccurate details about Biden’s actions at the ceremony. It’s important to hold public figures accountable for their actions, especially when those actions involve disrespecting Gold Star families. Psaki’s attempt to downplay Biden’s watch-checking incident raises questions about the transparency and honesty of the current administration.

Critics of Biden have long pointed out his lack of empathy and connection with the American people, and this latest controversy only adds fuel to the fire. The fact that Psaki, a prominent figure in the liberal media, is involved in this situation reflects poorly on the Biden administration as a whole. It is crucial for politicians and their staff to be truthful and forthcoming, especially when dealing with sensitive matters like honoring fallen soldiers.

As the election draws nearer, it is essential for voters to be aware of the actions and behavior of those in power. Psaki’s decision to revise her book highlights the importance of holding politicians accountable for their words and actions. With Biden trailing in battleground states and facing criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, it will be interesting to see how his administration handles future challenges and controversies.

Written by Staff Reports

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