Jen Psaki to Amend Book After Discrepancies on Biden’s Actions Revealed

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has agreed to revise her new book after facing criticism for her defense of President Biden’s actions during the dignified transfer of U.S. service members killed in a terror attack at the Kabul airport in 2021.

According to reports, Psaki’s account in her book “Say More” contradicts photo and video evidence as well as testimonies from Gold Star families who were present during the transfer. While Psaki claimed in her book that President Biden did not look at his watch until after the ceremony was over, evidence including photos and on-the-record statements from Gold Star families indicate otherwise.

In response to the criticism and discrepancies, Psaki acknowledged that errors were made in the book and stated her intention to remove the disputed details in future reprints and e-book versions.

It’s important to note that the controversy surrounding Psaki’s book has raised concerns about the accuracy of the information she presented. The revision of her book underscores the need for transparency and accuracy in reporting historical events and the actions of public figures.

The decision to address the discrepancies in her book demonstrates the importance of holding authors and public figures accountable for the information they present to the public. Psaki’s commitment to correcting the inaccuracies in her book is a step in the right direction toward ensuring that historical events are accurately documented.

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Psaki Edits Book After False Claims About Biden Ceremony Uncovered