Public Schools: Liberal Indoctrination Centers or Education Hubs?

Public schools are desperately trying to hold onto power in the face of growing support for school choice reforms. The Forest Hills School District in Michigan, backed by teacher union-supported Democrats, is seeking to cement its power by asking voters to approve a $340 million line of credit through a school bond proposal. Using taxpayer dollars, the district is enticing voters with promises of a new aquatic center, playgrounds, technology infrastructure, and more. However, what they fail to mention is the declining school enrollment and the fact that school taxes should be decreasing, not increasing.

The district’s current debt is already at $111,630,000, and this new proposal would quadruple that debt. The interest payments alone could exceed $40,000,000 in the first year. It’s clear that the district is simply trying to grab as much money as possible, even as the public school system continues to lose students. This blatant money grab is a disservice to taxpayers and a sign of poor governance.

Overall, this article highlights how public schools are using their power and influence to fight against school choice reforms. It shows the lengths they will go to in order to hold onto taxpayer dollars and maintain their control over education. This is a prime example of why school choice is so important – it allows parents to have a say in their children’s education and ensures that taxpayer dollars are being used effectively and efficiently. It’s time for parents to take back control and demand better options for their children.

Written by Staff Reports

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