Putin Cheers China’s Rise, Echoes Biden’s Naive Take on US Threat

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—Vladimir Putin, the strongman leader of Russia, recently had a chat with Tucker Carlson, an American journalist, about the economic relationship between China and the United States. In a nearly two-hour interview, Putin voiced his support for China’s expanding economic influence in the West, claiming that the US is only hurting itself by attempting to limit China’s involvement. He emphasized the importance of cooperation with China and dismissed concerns about China’s aggressive tactics as a “boogeyman story.”

Putin’s perspective aligns with that of President Joe Biden, who has downplayed China’s competitive threat to the US and even stated that the idea of China as a rival to America is “bizarre.” However, it’s worth noting that the Biden family has had business dealings in China, potentially influencing Biden’s stance on the matter.

In contrast to Biden, former President Donald Trump has vowed to implement a “sweeping pro-American overhaul of our tax and trade policy” if reelected, which includes measures to limit Chinese influence in the American economy. During his presidency, Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese goods, sparking an increase in American manufacturing and incentivizing US companies to seek alternative suppliers outside of China.

Putin’s advocacy for China’s economic expansion disregards the reality of China’s aggressive colonialist tactics and economic exploitation. While Putin and Xi Jinping, the Chinese dictator, boast about their bilateral trade exceeding $200 billion, the detrimental impact of China’s economic influence on the US, including intellectual property theft and the collapse of American manufacturing, cannot be overlooked.

In conclusion, Putin’s support for China’s economic reach into the West echoes the sentiments of President Biden, but fails to acknowledge the negative repercussions of China’s economic expansion. As the debate over China’s influence continues, it remains to be seen how current and potential future American leaders will address this critical issue.

Written by Staff Reports

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