Biden’s ‘Poor Memory’ Excused with Convenient Special Counsel Interview Timing!v

Unsurprisingly, White House attorneys are attempting to attribute President Joe Biden's declining mental capacity to the scheduling of the Special Counsel's interview. As per the legal professionals, the president's episodic recollection loss during the interview can be attributed directly to his preoccupation with a recent terrorist assault in Israel orchestrated by the Hamas organization. They contend that Biden's recollection was considerably impaired due to the interview occurring the day following the assault.

Although this justification may appear to be a last-ditch effort to divert attention away from the president's cognitive deterioration, it does underscore the gravity of the situation. Evidence of Biden's cognitive decline and mishandling of classified documents is presented in the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur, which could be even more politically detrimental. The report concludes, however, that prosecution is improbable on account of the challenge of establishing deliberate intent and Biden's amiable public persona.

Ian Sams, spokesman for oversight and investigations at the White House, criticized the report's depiction of Biden's memory on social media. He characterized the criticisms as "false, gratuitous, and inaccurate." Andrew Bates, deputy press secretary for the White House, concurred, asserting that the manner in which the report handled the recollection of President Biden was imprecise and unsuitable. They assert that the report's description of a lack of recollection, which they contend is a frequent occurrence among witnesses, was written in a manner that was extremely prejudicial.

The president's attorneys refute the Special Counsel's claim that Biden performed satisfactorily when confronted with inquiries pertaining to previous occurrences throughout the interview. They contend that the president's recollection ought to be evaluated in light of his hectic itinerary, which encompassed briefings on national security, discussions with heads of state, and appointments with Cabinet members and members of Congress. During the midst of the pandemonium, the Special Counsel even expressed gratitude to the president for his time.

Notwithstanding these endeavors to minimize Biden's memory problems, the report presents a multitude of instances and evaluations that illustrate his declining cognitive abilities. It even discloses that Biden had difficulty recalling the years he served as vice president and the date of his son Beau's death. Certain Republican officials have called for the 25th Amendment to be invoked in response to these revelations, casting doubt on Biden's capacity to lead the free world given that he cannot even stand trial.

As apprehensions regarding Biden's age and mental fitness persist, it is evident that the American public is similarly troubled. An astounding 82 percent of Americans, according to a recent survey, are concerned about Biden's physical and mental health. These concerns are not without merit, particularly in light of the president's recent errors, which involved misidentifying a former president with a current world leader. Still unanswered is whether Biden is truly qualified to lead.

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