Jill’s Grudge Match! Biden’s Spouse Eyes Trump Takedown

Loyal and patriotic readers, have you ever wondered what happens when a president’s spouse wants to run the show? Well, according to the trusted source Axios, first lady Jill Biden had some choice words after her husband’s less-than-stellar news conference on Thursday night. But here’s the kicker: she wasn’t even mad about that specific event! No, she was steamed about something that happened more than two years ago. That’s right, she’s holding onto this grudge longer than a toddler holds onto their favorite toy.

Miss Katie Rogers, a White House correspondent for The New York Times (so you know she’s completely objective, right?), has a new book called “American Woman” coming out, and she dishes all the dirt on this drama. According to Axios’ report, Joe Biden, surrounded by his “top aides,” made “several factual errors” during a news conference that went on for nearly two hours. And, of course, the first lady just happened to be peeking in from the doorway, giving the stink-eye that only a first lady can give.

When it was all over, she demanded answers as to why no one had stepped in to put an end to the event. Not even a cue card slipped to him by an aide could save the president from his wife’s wrath. You would hope that a real leader would have protected his team, but with the looming doom of his wife’s disapproval, who knows how any of us would have acted?

But wait, there’s more! According to Rogers, Jill Biden’s support for her husband’s reelection is supposedly fueled by her unrelenting hatred of former President Donald Trump. She’ll even sacrifice her husband’s health to keep Trump from winning in November. According to Rogers, the first lady’s dislike of Trump was a driving force behind her husband’s campaign and remains so for his reelection effort. She’s willing to see Joe Biden stay in office until he’s 86 just to keep Trump out. Talk about holding a grudge!

But don’t just take my word for it – you can grab a copy of “American Woman” on Feb. 27 to get all the juicy details straight from the source. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to support The Western Journal, because without loyal readers like you, the fight for America’s soul might just fizzle out. So, let’s all hang together and keep fighting the good fight!

Written by Staff Reports

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