Ramaswamy Drops Surprisel: Unveils Conditions for US Military in Gaza!

In a bold and candid interview with Piers Morgan, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy took a strong stance on U.S. involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Ramaswamy made it clear that he believes Israel is more than capable of defending itself and that America should steer clear of “muddying the waters” any further. With a touch of humor, Ramaswamy outlined his “red line” – if American citizens are attacked, he would “hit” Hamas “10 times harder.”

However, when Morgan questioned Ramaswamy about the possibility of American hostages being taken or killed by Hamas, the Republican candidate’s tone became serious. Without hesitating, Ramaswamy declared that retrieving American hostages would be a top priority for him, leaving no option off the table, including limited military intervention. In a surprising twist, he emphasized that he does not want the U.S. military involved in someone else’s war, but rather, that their involvement would be strategic and targeted solely at securing the release of American captives.

Still, Morgan pressed further, wondering if Ramaswamy would extend the same effort to save Israeli hostages. The candidate drew a clear line – the U.S. would only intervene in order to rescue American hostages. While Ramaswamy acknowledged that American authorities would do their best to assist in securing the release of Israeli hostages, he maintained his position, causing Morgan to highlight the perceived inconsistency.

The interview took an intriguing turn as Morgan brought up the hostage release negotiations between Israel and Hamas, which had been stalled by Hamas’ demands for fuel shipments into Gaza. Interesting enough, it was reported that the Biden administration even tried to delay Israel’s potential ground invasion to protect these negotiations. Though this added complexity to the situation, Ramaswamy remained steadfast in his belief that American intervention should solely focus on the safety of its citizens. With clarity and conviction, he made it clear that his priority lies in getting American hostages out of harm’s way.

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