Raskin Fires Shots at Trump to Play Defender for Biden!

In a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes,” Maryland Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin attempted to defend President Joe Biden by attacking former President Donald Trump. Raskin, who seemed to be channeling his inner condescension, dismissed Republican investigations into Biden and claimed they were grasping at straws. He then went on to accuse Trump of being a “kleptocrat” and accused him of using the presidency for personal profit.

Raskin’s attempt to deflect attention from Biden’s numerous scandals, including bribery allegations, is both ridiculous and laughable. It is clear that the Democrats and their media puppets are desperate to protect Biden at all costs, even if it means resorting to baseless attacks on Trump. But the American people are not easily fooled by these tactics.

The fact is, while Raskin is busy smearing Trump, he conveniently ignores the mounting evidence of bribery allegations against Biden. Former Attorney General Bill Barr has already dismantled Raskin’s talking points, pointing out the millions of dollars that Biden and his son Hunter allegedly received in exchange for political favors.

Even House Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) has called out Raskin for playing lawyer for the Biden family instead of fulfilling his oversight duties. Comer rightly pointed out that while Raskin tries to brush away the evidence, bank records don’t lie. The fact that large sums of money were transferred to various Biden family accounts is hard to ignore.

Raskin may be a snake, but he is not a dumb snake. He knows that as the walls close in on Biden, he needs to distract and deflect attention. The more desperate Raskin becomes, the more outlandish his lies and deflections become.

Ultimately, Raskin’s defense of Biden falls flat. As the saying goes, a good defense beats a good offense every time. But Raskin’s defense of Biden never even made it off the bench. The American people deserve leaders who will hold the president accountable, not ones who will blindly defend him at all costs. It’s time for Raskin and his fellow Democrats to stop playing games and start doing their jobs.

Written by Staff Reports

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