Hunter Biden Escapes Tax Evasion Charges: Swamp Saves Own!

In a shocking revelation, an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) memo has exposed the leniency shown towards Hunter Biden by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s office. While Weiss only brought a handful of charges against Joe Biden’s son, the memo recommended felony charges for tax evasion dating back to 2014, specifically focusing on unreported income from Ukraine. Just imagine, folks, the sweet aroma of justice wafting through the air, only to be extinguished by the swamp’s willingness to protect one of their own.

The memo, approved by courageous whistleblower Gary Shipley, recommended prosecution under several provisions of the law for multiple tax years. But here’s the kicker, patriots: Assistant United States Attorney Lesley Wolf gave her stamp of approval on these charges. She concurred with the recommendation and was in close communication with Weiss’s office. If she truly believed in the charges, wouldn’t it make sense for Weiss to do his job and prosecute Hunter to the fullest extent of the law?

But wait, it gets even worse. Senator Chuck Grassley, a man with his finger on the pulse of corruption, has voiced concerns about Weiss. He revealed that Weiss’s office was briefed on an alleged bribery scheme involving Joe and Hunter Biden before the 2020 election. Yet, no action was taken to investigate this grave accusation. It seems like Weiss was too busy protecting the Bidens to actually do his job as a prosecutor. Shameful!

Even Chris Christie, a former prosecutor himself, couldn’t help but express his dismay. He rightfully points out that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax evasion was either a sham or incredibly incompetent. It took five whole years to reach a meager plea deal and dismiss additional charges related to illegal possession of firearms. This is not the kind of justice we expect in America, folks.

In a feeble attempt to save face, U.S. Attorney David Weiss penned a letter to Jim Jordan, where he claimed his charging authority was limited to his home district. Seriously, folks, if Weiss had the authority to bring charges against the golden boy of the Biden family, why didn’t he? It is simply unacceptable that the Justice Department would deny Weiss the opportunity to seek special counsel status. This reeks of a cover-up, and it’s high time the American people demand answers!

We cannot let the elites protect their own. The Biden family has had no shortage of scandals, and it’s time for them to face the consequences. Hunter Biden’s alleged tax evasion should be fully explored, and the truth must prevail. It’s clear that Weiss’s office has shown favoritism and failed to fulfill its duty to the American people. We must hold them accountable for their actions, patriots, and ensure that justice is served.

Written by Staff Reports

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