Manchin’s 2024 Revenge: Dems Panic as Centrist Plot Unfolds!

Sen. Joe Manchin, once hailed as a bipartisan hero, made a fatal mistake by supporting the Inflation Reduction Act. The West Virginia senator, once beloved by Republicans, threw away his goodwill in a misguided attempt to appease left-wing radicals. As expected, his own party broke their promises and continued to attack him, while the Biden administration waged war on the coal industry. It’s no wonder Manchin is plotting his revenge.

Reports suggest that Manchin’s next move may be a game-changer. He is set to attend an event with No Labels, a centrist group, in New Hampshire. The group is considering running a third-party candidate in the 2024 presidential election, which has Democrats panicking. They fear that this move could draw votes away from Joe Biden and hand Donald Trump another victory.

No Labels, led by former Republican Jon Huntsman, has been wooing Manchin for quite some time now. They are a well-established organization with significant resources, making Democrats even more anxious about their potential impact in 2024.

What’s truly worrisome for the far-left is that Manchin has nothing to lose. With the likelihood of him not seeking re-election to the US Senate, a presidential campaign could be quite lucrative for him. Manchin could present himself as a moderate alternative to the two-party system, capitalizing on his name recognition and the dissatisfaction with the current front-runners. This has Democrats thoroughly spooked.

Now, let’s be clear, this doesn’t mean I’m suddenly on Manchin’s side. He betrayed the Republicans who trusted him, and I think he sold his political career down the river. But if he’s going to surrender in West Virginia, then perhaps he can find some redemption by sticking it to Biden in 2024. I’d definitely be here for that.

In the end, Manchin’s revenge could have a significant impact on the presidential race. Even if he only manages to garner 2-3 percent of the vote, it could sway the results. The people who would support Manchin are likely to be center-left independents who wouldn’t vote Republican regardless. Democrats are rightfully terrified.

As a conservative, I can’t help but see the potential chaos that Manchin’s revenge could cause as a silver lining. If he can remind Biden of the consequences of mistreating someone within his own party, then maybe it will serve as a wakeup call for the left. But don’t worry, I won’t forget Manchin’s betrayal anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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