Trump Judge Foils Biden’s Big Tech Censorship Plot

Another Trump-appointed judge has struck a blow against the Biden administration’s unlawful collusion with Big Tech. In a scorching opinion, Judge Terry Doughty described Biden’s censorship regime as “Orwellian.” This latest defeat for Biden throws a wrench into his attempts to rescue his illegal suppression of free speech.

Judge Doughty based his original ruling on extensive evidence showing that the Biden regime colluded with private companies like Twitter and Facebook in an effort to silence opposing viewpoints, effectively bypassing the First Amendment. Doughty’s ruling put a stop to Biden officials contacting Big Tech platforms to suppress protected speech.

While the ruling did allow for exceptions in cases of national security threats and crimes, the Biden tyrants were not satisfied. They appealed the ruling and asked Doughty to lift his block, but he firmly refused their request.

In his most recent ruling, Judge Doughty stood strong against Biden’s false narrative that the injunction hinders the government’s lawful functions. Doughty emphasized that the order only prohibits actions for which the defendants have no legal right. Republican challengers are likely to prove that government officials coerced and encouraged social media companies to suppress speech expressing dissenting views.

The censored speech included skepticism of COVID vaccines, lockdowns, and questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Judge Doughty highlighted these examples in his ruling, further exposing Biden’s attempts to control the narrative.

In response to Doughty’s rulings, the Department of Justice released a sassy statement complaining about the “vagueness” of the injunction. They fail to acknowledge that the court’s belief stems from the fact that the injunction forbids unconstitutional conduct while protecting the government’s lawful prerogatives. The government’s failure to identify specific lawful conduct prevented by the injunction undermines their argument.

As expected, leftist media outlets have launched a pressure campaign against Judge Doughty. But it seems that he is holding firm in his commitment to upholding the First Amendment. The battle is far from over, as Biden shows no signs of relenting in his quest to control and dictate what Americans are allowed to say. The fight for free speech rages on.

Written by Staff Reports

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