Reiner Says: Only Anti-Trump, Single-Party System Can Save Democracy!

Rob Reiner, Hollywood’s self-proclaimed champion of democracy, has made yet another ludicrous proclamation. According to him, “democracy” can only survive if former President Donald Trump is thrown in prison and all third-party candidates are banned from running. Oh, the irony! Reiner, one of Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleaders, made this absurd statement on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

But hold on a minute, Mr. Reiner. Isn’t it fundamentally anti-democratic to call for the prohibition of all opposition candidates? It seems like you only want to benefit Biden by getting rid of anyone who might pose a threat to his reign. Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald called out Reiner’s statement, highlighting how it reflects the Democrats’ warped definition of “democracy” — imprison your opponents and remove them from the ballot.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist took it a step further, likening the banning of candidates to canceling the 2024 elections. And she’s absolutely right. What Reiner is suggesting goes against the very principles of our democratic system. We should be encouraging competition and diverse ideas, not stifling them.

But Reiner has become more desperate as Biden’s poll numbers plummet and his own party starts to turn against him. He’s resorted to spreading lies and misinformation on social media, like when he falsely claimed that January 6 prisoner Enrique Tarrio was one of the violent Capitol stormers (even though Tarrio wasn’t even in D.C. that day).

It’s clear that Reiner is willing to say anything to prop up his beloved Biden and his Democrat cronies. But let’s face it, his arguments are baseless and his rhetoric is nothing more than fearmongering. We need to stand up for true democracy, which includes fair elections and the right for all candidates to participate. Let’s not let Hollywood elites like Rob Reiner dictate the future of our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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