RFK Jr. Enters Race, Dems Can’t ‘Cheat’ Now: Kari Lake Drops Bomb!

During an interview with Buck Sexton and Clay Travis, Kari Lake, a former Republican candidate for governor, discussed her concerns about the possibility of Robert Kennedy Jr. running as a third-party candidate in the presidential election in 2024. She noted that having multiple parties in the race would make it more difficult for people to predict the results.

According to her, this could cause some Democratic voters to switch to supporting RFK Jr. for independent candidate.

Her comments were in response to the statements made by RFK regarding his intention to explore other options for the 2024 presidential race instead of solely seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party. Kennedy also criticized the DNC in a recent interview with Forbes. He claimed that the organization was trying to disenfranchise the voters by preventing them from choosing their candidate.

Recent polls reveal that Kennedy enjoys the support of many Democratic voters, making him the second-most popular candidate after President Biden. His presence in the race would split the party's vote, which could benefit Donald Trump. If no candidate secures the 270 electoral votes, the House would select the winner.

Another potential threat to the presidential race is the No Labels movement, which has already secured ballot access in 10 states. It aims to be on all 50 ballots in the country. A survey conducted by the organization revealed that over 60 percent of voters support a moderate candidate.

Despite the concerns about the movement, groups that are aligned with the Democratic Party are urging politicians to reject any presidential candidate that supports No Labels. In Arizona, the Democratic Party filed a lawsuit to prevent the movement from appearing on the state's ballots. Sawyer Hackett, a consultant and strategist for the Democratic Party, identified RFK Jr. and No Labels as the two main threats to the party's chances of defeating Trump and DeSantis.

The emergence of third-party candidates in the presidential race in 2024 has raised the stakes for the major parties. With the possibility of significant changes in the voting patterns, these alternatives could have an impact on the outcome of the election.

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