Biden’s Incoherent Mumblings Leads to Unexpected Stage Exit in Vietnam!

President Joe Biden recently traveled to Vietnam, a country that reminds Americans of one of our most divisive wars. But instead of focusing on the past, Biden was more interested in solidifying a new diplomatic pact with Communist Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong. It seems like Biden is more interested in cozying up to communist regimes than standing up for American values.

During his visit, Biden gave a speech that had an oddly abrupt ending. He stumbled over his words and struggled to articulate his thoughts. It was a clear reminder of his cognitive decline and inability to effectively communicate. But instead of allowing him to embarrass himself further, his handlers quickly ended the press conference. It’s clear they are aware of Biden’s limitations and are doing everything they can to protect him.

One of the most concerning aspects of Biden’s speech was his soft stance on Communist China. Despite China’s regional aggression and aggression towards the United States, Biden stated that he has no intention of “containing” China. This is a dangerous position to take, as it demonstrates weakness and a lack of resolve. We need a leader who will stand up to China’s unfair trade practices and human rights abuses, not one who will cower in fear.

Biden also expressed his desire to see China succeed economically, but only if they play by the rules. However, we have seen time and time again that China has no interest in playing fair. They have stolen intellectual property, manipulated currency, and engaged in cyber espionage. It’s naive to think that they will suddenly start abiding by the rules.

It’s concerning that while Biden is making deals with communist leaders and giving them a pass, his own son is under investigation for receiving millions of dollars from Chinese businessmen with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. This raises serious questions about Biden’s judgment and ability to put America’s interests first. We need a president who will prioritize the American people, not foreign interests.

Overall, Biden’s trip to Vietnam was a clear indication of his weak leadership and misguided priorities. It’s time for conservatives to come together and hold him accountable for his dangerous actions. America deserves a president who will put America first and stand up for our values on the global stage.

Written by Staff Reports

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