Remote Producer Nabs $12M from Fox News in Toxic Drama – Without Meeting Tucker!

Fox News, the folks who bring you hard-hitting journalism and Tucker Carlson’s unfiltered rants, have settled with a former producer who apparently thought the workplace was a toxic mess. But get this, she never even met the guy! She worked remotely! Talk about drama from a distance.

This Abby Grossberg lady was like a juicy subplot in the bigger legal drama involving Dominion Systems, the company that made those election machines that everyone’s been talking about. You know, the ones that supposedly rigged the 2020 election? Yeah, that Dominion.

Grossberg got herself fired for blabbing about some privileged information during the whole Dominion lawsuit fiasco. Then she thought, “Hey, why not sue Fox News while I’m at it?” It’s like she wanted to make a name for herself or something.

Well, she dropped her lawsuit, but her lawyers made a threat to refile, so Fox News decided it was best to make her go away. They handed her a cool $12 million to settle the whole mess. But don’t worry, it’s just pocket change for Fox, considering they already paid Dominion $787 million to hush them up. Add a little extra, and voila! Problem solved.

But here’s the best part: Grossberg says she still stands by her allegations. Yeah, right. You’d think a person would be grateful to get a fat check and move on, but nope, not Abby. She wants us all to know that she still believes she was treated horribly. Maybe she needs a reality check.

In the end, Fox News must have thought it was easier to just write a big fat check and make this whole chapter disappear. Good riddance, I say. Let’s move on from the Dominion circus and get back to reporting real news, like Tucker Carlson’s latest opinion piece on why cats are secretly plotting to take over the world. Now that’s important stuff.

Written by Staff Reports

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