Rep Auchincloss Criticizes Anti-Semitism Among Democrats

In the latest TV chit-chat on “CNN This Morning,” Rep. Jake Auchincloss, representing the Dandy Democratic squad from Massachusetts, blurted out some opinions on his fellow housemates. He talked about how folks in his own party were playing favorites when it came to poking fun at Jews and Israelis. He rambled on about the importance of calling out folks who encourage rowdy behavior that targets Jewish students on campuses. Auchincloss seemed to suggest that the lefties in his party might be brewing a storm in a teacup with all this anti-Semitism chatter.

He got all fired up about separating criticism of Israel from throwing shade at Jewish folks, making it sound like rocket science. According to him, the real troublemakers were the baddies like Hamas, who, he claimed, were cooking up schemes to bring nightmares to life on innocent victims. He made it clear that the heroes in this messy drama were, surprise surprise, the Israelis trying to slam the brakes on violence.

When asked about whether some of his House pals were wearing anti-Semitic hats, Auchincloss dodged like a pro, not wanting to take a peek inside their hearts. Still, he wagged his finger at those who cheer on troublemaking protesters causing headaches for Jewish students on college grounds.

In the end, Auchincloss tried to wrap it all up with a nice bow, saying his Democratic buddies were all about sharing and caring. Guess everyone’s got a story to spin in the never-ending drama of politics, huh?

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