Rep Elise Stefanik Challenges Harvard Over Antisemitism Claims

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) ain’t happy with Harvard University, and she ain’t afraid to let ’em know it! This gal sent ’em a letter, givin’ ’em a good talkin’ to for lettin’ an alleged antisemitic attacker graduate in May. She’s got no time for Harvard’s shenanigans, no sir!

Seems like Harvard’s been playin’ a game of protectin’ antisemitism and turnin’ a blind eye to campus rules. Stefanik ain’t havin’ it! She called out Harvard’s leadership, sayin’ they’ve let antisemitism fester like a week-old sandwich in a school lunchbox. Ouch!

Back in October, there was some trouble brewin’ when members of the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee allegedly roughed up an Israeli student. And get this – one of the alleged attackers is set to graduate soon! Stefanik’s raisin’ a ruckus ’cause it looks like Harvard might let this fella waltz across the stage without facin’ the music for his actions.

Stefanik ain’t buyin’ Harvard’s promises that they’re takin’ care of business. She’s demandin’ to see some real consequences for those she sees as responsible for the attack. This gal ain’t playin’ around!

She’s callin’ Harvard out for lettin’ this alleged antisemitic student slide on by with a fancy degree, while the victim of the alleged attack is left in the dust. Stefanik’s got a bone to pick with Harvard, and she ain’t holdin’ back!

The Washington Examiner tried to get the scoop from Harvard, but they’re keepin’ quiet for now. But with Stefanik on their case, it looks like Harvard’s got a real firecracker on their hands!

Written by Staff Reports

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