Rep. Jim Banks Introduces Bill to Halt Biden’s Edu Funds for Illegal Aliens

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) is firing back at President Joe Biden’s plan to use taxpayer money to provide college preparatory programs to illegal aliens. Banks, who is eyeing a Senate seat, is introducing the “American Students First Act” to put a stop to it.

The proposed legislation would block Biden’s Department of Education from expanding federal TRIO programs to benefit illegal aliens. Banks is outraged at the thought of hardworking taxpayers, such as truckers and farmers, footing the bill for college prep classes for those who have entered the country illegally.

Banks argues that the focus should be on addressing the record-low test scores of American students instead of diverting resources to to illegal immigrants. He also points out that the Biden administration should prioritize fixing the learning loss caused by the school lockdowns, rather than preparing illegal immigrants for college.

Furthermore, the congressman emphasizes the financial impact of mass immigration on American colleges and universities. He notes that these institutions profit billions of dollars annually from foreign students, including illegal aliens, through tuition and fees.

Banks is taking a stand to ensure that taxpayer money goes toward benefiting American students and legal residents, and not to fund programs for those who are in the country unlawfully. He is determined to prioritize the educational needs of low-income young Americans and students on green cards over illegal aliens.

Ultimately, Banks is standing firm against the Biden administration’s proposal, reiterating that the “American Students First Act” will work to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to support the education of lawful residents and citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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